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Airy brick house bucks tradition to stunning effect


Exterior of trapezoidal brick house Oki Hiroyuki via Designboom

Brick houses are known for their monolithic sturdiness, but this open-plan brick home in Mỹ Hạnh Nam, Vietnam, is airy and light. Designed by Tropical Space, the same studio behind this high-design chicken coop and another hive-like brick stunner, the Long An House is built from two angled walls that come together to create an unusual trapezoidal shape.

Reflection pool inside brick courtyard Oki Hiroyuki

On the exterior the intricate brick pattern creates a patchwork effect that allows air to breeze through. Inside, the small gaps cast warm patterns of light onto the concrete floors.

Interior of brick house with light pattern on floor Oki Hiroyuki

The house is structured around an open-air courtyard with a square reflection pool in the center. Views from the courtyard lead into a sparsely furnished bedroom on one side and living room on the other, creating a continuous floor plan that makes the house feel like a series of interconnected sunrooms.

Living room looking onto reflection pool Oki Hiroyuki

It’s that emphasis on openness that gives the home a warmth despite its dedication to pristine shapes and hard materials like concrete and brick.

Via: Designboom