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New coliving startup renovates historic homes for millennial nomads

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Like a hotel, but not

Chaise lounge in entryway
Norn Berlin.

To be young, semi-employed, and armed with frequent flyer miles is more than a lifestyle—it’s an aesthetic. The rise of digital nomads (translation: the cool kids who treat the world as their office) has led to a boom in tastefully appointed, extended-stay social houses where creatives can rub shoulders over morning coffee and evening wine-fueled work sessions.

The latest addition to places like Roam and Soho House is Norn, a members-only startup that’s looking to become a home away from home for the aesthetically-minded. Think of Norn as a really pretty long-stay hotel. Or maybe it’s a dorm for the young and upwardly mobile.

Bedroom with cozy bed and window
Norn London.

Norn’s properties in London, San Francisco, Berlin, and Barcelona are designed to be “characteristic” to the city’s architectural style. The company renovates historic residences (i.e. a Victorian in San Francisco, a townhouse in London) into Instagram-friendly boarding houses where visiting members can stay from three to six months and local members can attend “conversation-centric” events.

And the cost for all this? That’d be $2,000 for a month-long stay at any Norm location, and $500 for a year-long membership that gets you into at least one event per month at a Norm space.

Norn London.

Via: The Spaces