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John Pawson-designed home is a minimalist holiday retreat

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Architectural vacationing in Mallorca, Spain

Pink-clay modern home with high walls and pool terrace.
Villa Santanyi, aka the Neuendorf House, was designed in the late ’80s by John Pawson.
Photos via The Spaces

As we eagerly count down the days till summer, here’s a holiday retreat for architecture lovers that will tide you over until then—and inspire your own travels.

Minimalist master John Pawson designed Villa Santanyi, aka the Neuendorf House, on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Spain, in 1987 for a German art dealer as his office’s first full project, in partnership with Claudio Silvestrin.

The result is a sun-kissed indoor-outdoor home that “explores ways of achieving a quality of proportion in outside space more usually associated with interiors,” according to the architect’s website. The program is characterized by a central atrium and high walls punctuated by small windows, with lower-level rooms opening directly onto the courtyard.

A breezeway used for dining connects the inner courtyard to a long and narrow swimming pool that forms the roof of a smaller volume and trickles into a smaller pool below. Multiple rooftop terraces and patios offer additional outdoor-living opportunities. Accommodating between nine and 11 people, it is available to rent through Welcome Beyond starting at 570 euros a night, or $682.

Via: The Spaces