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Tiny prefab cabin makes indoor-outdoor living a breeze

Cabin on the Border sits on the border between Greece and Turkey

Prefab cabin made with plain wood features picture window that pulls up to form a canopy.
The picture window pulls up to form a glazed canopy.
Photos via Inhabitat

This prefabricated cabin on the border of Turkey and Greece—and aptly called Cabin on the Border—was optimized to endure a spectrum of weather conditions, both wet and dry.

Designed by Istanbul-based SO? Architecture and Ideas, the tiny cabin measures only 18 square meters, or about 194 square feet, but features an efficient and flexible interior program that includes a small kitchen, wood-burning stove, two sleeping lofts and a seating area that doubles as a bed, and a small bathroom.

One of the standout amenities of the cabin, however, is the drawbridge-style wall on one of the far ends that opens down to reveal a large picture window and creates a patio. The window also opens upward to create a polycarbonate canopy, establishing an indoor-outdoor living room.

Cabin on the Border is constructed from laminated wood and polycarbonate and is powered by solar panels on the roof and features a rain catchment system—making this prefab cabin completely off-grid. Take a look.

Via: Inhabitat