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Adorable kindergarten is all brick and fun

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When brick is playful

Photos by Hiroyuki OKI via ArchDaily

There has been a slew of inventive modern brick houses lately, with several hailing from tropical Vietnam. The latest to wow us is this kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh City, designed by local Kientruc O.

Chuon Chuon Kim 2 Kindergarten, a sequel of sorts to a 2015 project also in Ho Chi Minh City, incorporates the same gabled house motif, manifested here in the main structure, entrance, and window openings.

Brick is the star throughout the 4,400-square-foot school, providing a warm base that complements yellow and orange accents (like that groovy exterior spiral staircase masquerading as a slide), while facilitating natural ventilation. Patterns and openings in the brickwork also create a splendid display of light and shadows inside.

Similar to the firm’s House 304, which features a light well that runs the full height of the four-story residence, this kindergarten has an airy core that connects the ground floor to the roof garden with an interior spiraling staircase. Classrooms, full of wooden built-ins, are found on the way up.

Via: ArchDaily