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A multigenerational home for the modern age

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An in-law suite never looked so appealing

multi-level modern home Cafeï via Designboom

From the outside, this modern house in Belgium looks like a single-family home. Inside, though, it’s split into two lofts and a penthouse, all with ample style, space, and privacy.

The architects Govaert & Vanhoutte designed the boxy house with simple lines and massive windows to give it the appearance of a modern jewel box. It’s built from a series of three levels that stack on top of each other like stairs.

Kitchen with modern potbelly stove
Living room with modern furniture

The leveled design clears enough space for each individual unit to have its own garden or terrace—a luxury for anyone who’s ever lived in a shared building.

Though a single family can occupy the whole residence, the structure was conceived of as a multi-generational home where families could live together without being cramped for space and privacy. It’s not totally obvious—and that’s exactly why it works.

Close-up of exterior of modern house and yard

Via: Designboom