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This Danish beach house oozes hygge

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And you thought you knew cozy

Open glass doors looking out onto beach Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen via Dezeen

You’re not going to find any seashell motifs at this beach house in Denmark. Designed by Norm Architects, the airy home sits on the coast near Copenhagen and is designed to echo the landscape’s simple yet lush beauty.

The wood-clad home’s centerpiece is the stretch of windows that look out onto the beach and ocean. Despite the light-filled rooms, the house has a gently brooding quality with its muted palette of gray and wood accents.

Black light fixtures hanging over kitchen table

In a remarkable feat of styling, the home feels simultaneously brand new and well worn. A set of intentionally ratty light fixtures dangle over the kitchen table. Wabi-sabi vases hold dried plants. There’s even burlap sack artfully hanging over the bed, and we don’t hate it!

Black brick fireplace with sofa
Bed with burlap art hanging on the wall

The whole house looks like the textbook definition of hygge, which is to say extremely cozy and totally enviable.

Outside of wooden beach house

Via: Dezeen