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Barragán-inspired color-blocked home rises in Mexico

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Casa TEC 205 was designed by Moneo Brock

Modern house with large wall planes in different colors bisecting home.
Casa TEC 205 was designed by architectural practice Moneo Brock.
Photos by Adrián Llaguno via Dezeen

International architectural practice Moneo Brock has completed a colorful contemporary home in Monterrey, Mexico. Comprising a series of tall walls, and various levels, Casa TEC 205 incorporates four trees original to the site, opens up common areas to the outside, and creates indoor-outdoor connections from each room.

The home, built for Tecnológico de Monterrey, also features a vibrant color scheme inspired by the work of Mexican architects Luis Barragán and Ricardo Legorreta. Large wall planes colored blue, magenta, pink, yellow, and white run from the exteriors to the interiors, which are also characterized by similar colors and graphic tiles and wallpaper.

A double-height living area flows into a dining room, with a kitchen and another dining area on the other side, while bedrooms and a second lounge are placed on the lower level. The home’s main outdoor space is placed on the roof, where a pool and terrace are placed next to an atrium. A more private breakfast terrace is found off the living room.

Via: Dezeen