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Retro-inspired camper combines curves with modern amenities

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Cute as a button!

A light blue colored camper called the Barefoot Caravan. The camper is in a clearing in a field full of yellow wildflowers.
Built in the U.K., the Barefoot Caravan is an egg-shaped trailer packed with amenities.
All photos courtesy of Barefoot Caravan.

Many of today’s most popular campers and trailers have a sleek, high-tech style, tricked out with solar panels, gadgets, and luxury amenities. But there’s something nostalgic and appealing about a vintage camper, especially if it includes more modern amenities.

While the U.S. does have manufacturers making vintage-styled campers that are actually new—Happier Camper and the Winnebago Brave come to mind—the latest to catch our eye is the U.K.-built Barefoot Caravan. Founder Cathy Chamberlain didn’t like the available campers on the market so she set out to build her own. Working with students from the Automotive and Transport Design Course at Coventry University, Chamberlain spent three years designing the fiberglass camper.

At about 16 feet long, the monocoque, egg-shaped body features a compact living space that can sleep two. The inside boasts a small kitchen area with a fridge, a two burner stove, solid oak countertops, and a sink. It can be hard to fit a bathroom in a trailer this size, but the Barefoot delivers with a shower, cassette toilet, mirror, and sink combo. A good sized seating and dining area transforms into a six foot by six foot bed which can sleep two—albeit not very tall—people.

The surprisingly spacious interior has windows all the way around.

Windows with screens and blackout blinds, LED lighting, and a heating and hot water system come standard, as do the retro-styled 13-inch hubcaps. There are loads of storage cubby holes to stash your clothes, and the Barefoot even comes with a small wine rack for all the camping oenophiles out there.

You can choose the colors of both the body of your camper and the interior accent colors, which makes the camper a bit more “bespoke” than similarly priced models. Weighing 2,094 pounds, the Barefoot is heavier—and more expensive—than the popular Happier Camper, but it does offer a more spacious interior and a bathroom.

The Barefoot Caravan currently sells for about $32,000, and unfortunately it’s only available in the U.K. Chamberlain told Curbed via email that there’s been tremendous interest in bringing the Barefoot Caravan to the U.S., and the company is currently looking to partner with an American manufacturer. Head over here for more.

The camper is available in multiple body colors, like this light blue.
A look at the galley kitchen in the Barefoot Caravan.
Built-in blinds and storage areas come standard.
The caravan set up for sleeping.
A small bathroom features a cassette toilet.