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Modern house in Connecticut appears to float on water

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Modern wood house next to pond David Sundberg of ESTO via Dezeen

We’ve seen houses built around trees—but what about ponds? This house in Connecticut was designed to follow the banks of a large pond on the property, effectively blending nature into the home.

Cutler Anderson Architects split the house into three parts to make it easier for the structure to hug the curves of the pond. The result is a house that appears to float on water.

Hallway looking out onto pond David Sundberg of ESTO via Dezeen

Each timber-clad volume is dedicated to a different part of the house—the main entrance is home to the primary gatherings spaces like the living room and kitchen; the second and third modules contain bedrooms with ensuite baths, and a garage.

Wood beamed living room with couches David Sundberg of ESTO via Dezeen
David Sundberg of ESTO via Dezeen

With its glue-laminated timber frame, the home is cozy without feeling claustrophobic. That’s primarily thanks to the glassy walkways that connect one section of the house to another. As you walk through the hallways, there’s a moment when you can slide open the glass pane, reach down, and touch the water.

Outside of house at dusk David Sundberg of ESTO via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen