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Refresh your home with The Small Fix newsletter

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Get psyched for an achievable, four-week interior-design challenge

Carlos Chavarría

How many times have you clicked on a headline promising a quick “living room hack” or an “easy home refresh” only to fall into expensive and time-intensive projects like hanging shelves or installing a gallery wall?

Yeah, we have, too. Because even with all the DIY tips Pinterest has to offer, interior design advice can be vague and intimidating.

That’s why we created “The Small Fix,” a four-week newsletter challenge made up of realistically achievable projects to lift the look of your home, whether you live in a studio apartment or a four-bedroom house.

Here’s the deal: Each week, we’ll send you a newsletter with a small task—each one should only take around 30 minutes—to spruce up a part of your home, plus a clear roadmap to make it happen. That’s it.

We know it takes time to turn your space into a dream home. So, while we’re not promising a Nancy Meyers–inspired retreat in just four weeks time, we’ll help you make a big visual impact with little effort (we know you’re busy!) and little money (some projects cost zero dollars).

Want to get started? Sign up below—and catch a glimpse of the first challenge here.