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Art collective wants to take its ‘musical house’ on tour

Architecture as musical instrument

Musical house at night
Music Box Village, a permanent version of Airlift’s musical houses.
New Orleans Airlift

All houses make sounds—creaking floors, slamming doors—but few make music. The art collective New Orleans Airlift has been building houses that double as instruments for the last seven years with their Music Box project, and now it’s looking to take its musical architecture on the road.

Left: Sketch of Airlift’s Porch Life. Right: Music Box Village.
New Orleans Airlift

The new project, Porch Life, is like previous Music Box productions in that it renders common household architectural features musical. Handrails double as harps; a staircase works like a synth; windows becomes percussion instruments. In total, the house has nine musical instruments that professional musicians and novices alike can use to make music.

Airlift has plans to hitch Porch Life to the back of the truck and drag it around the country, making it the first mobile musical home the collective has created. The project is now raising funds on Kickstarter, so if you’ve ever had the itch to play an electric curtain, now’s your chance to make that happen.