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The most unusual finds on Wayfair

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These canopy beds and racecar-style sofas are far from midcentury modern

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contemporary style bedroom
Everly Quinn Knorr Panel Bed, $6,199.99.

The front page of Wayfair greets visitors with a bright selection of generally homey, often midcentury-inspired furniture and decor. But this is the tip of the iceberg: The online-only home goods retailer, the largest of its kind, sells more than 10 million items, from beds and coffee tables to chicken coops and fireplace mantels.

If you order your search by recommended items—the default setting—you’ll mostly see pieces from companies with names reminiscent of places in New England, like Andover Mills, Alcott Hill, August Grove, and Langley Street.

There’s nothing too surprising at first, unless you’re shocked by button-tufted headboards available in tan, light gray, and dark gray. Click through 120 pages of Wayfair search results, though, and things start getting weird: $35,000 hardwood twin canopy beds, modular polyester sofas made of cubes, and fish skin chairs—“artistically wrapped in authentic fish skins.”

Wayfair knows its stranger items are compelling. In September, it tweeted a picture of the enormous Faviola Reclining Sectional in black and red, head rests and leg rests in various states of extension, which looks a little like if the Transformers were sofas starring in an adult film. “This is what furniture should look like,” the tweet read. It’s sold by Orren Ellis, a brand with 20,576 items listed on the site.

Wayfair’s tweets later went back to gallery walls and platform beds. But because the internet is bottomless, in the best and worst ways, those willing to click for hours will be rewarded with platinum and lucite. Read on for the some of the most unusual finds from the depths of Wayfair.

Everly Quinn Knorr Panel Bed, $6,199.99

Lounge here with a box of chocolates and a pack of cigarettes to channel the vibe of your favorite Columbo murderess.

Segis U.S.A. Highway Chaise Longue, $2,599.99

These chaise longues “undulate to form seats.” Okay!

Williston Forge Natacha Modern Inverted Cone-Shaped Table, $102.99

Impart an undertone of violence to your living space with this accent table’s sharp tip.

ModShop Lucite Palm Beach Dining Table, $5,199.99

There are no secrets around the dinner table when clear lucite is in play.

Noir New York Sideboard, $2,722

Daring shards of fir adorn this sideboard, which is named after New York for some reason.

Michael Amini Chateau De Lago Upholstered Platform Bed, $3,107.99

This bed bills itself as French regency style, but with “elements that the 18th century French designers had not thought of,” like Swarovski crystals and velvet-lined drawers. Sensual.

Sandler Seating Cocoon Balloon Chair, $9,299.99

This “acoustic seating unit” seems like a decent place to count your bitcoins in peace.

Habersham Biltmore Cornelia’s Cloister Canopy Bed, $35,929

Is this bed haunted? Yes. Will sleeping in it bring you nightmares about Victorian twins left to fend for themselves after their parents’ death at sea? Almost definitely. Is it still worth the $36,000? Absolutely.

Astoria Grand Bermuda Traditional Living Room Collection, $9,899.97

Nothing is more traditional than platinum.

Serge De Troyer Collection Fish Skin Slipper Chair, $3,099.99

Match with the fish skin accent stool, end table, and ivory lounge chair to delight the most elegant sailor in your life.

ModShop Eden Rock Sofa, $3,799.99

Brushed brass and linen is a powerful combo.

Fleur De Lis Living Churchman Queen Canopy Bed, $5,299.99

This “dreamer’s paradise” is fashioned with red-hot irons by American blacksmiths, so if you’re into that kind of thing, prepare your linens.

OI Furniture Cellular 3Scape Sofa, $4,899.99

For true believers in our modular future, a confusing but lovable sofa.