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Bjarke Ingels designs an A-frame-inspired prefab tiny house

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Not made for roughing it

A-frame cabin in the woods Photo by Matthew Carbone via Designboom

The A45 Klein is not your typical A-frame cabin. Designed by Bjarke Ingels, the micro home looks like a glass spear sticking up out of the ground. The A45 is built from prefabricated, flat-packed modules—a timber frame, subfloor, wall modules, and a floor-to-ceiling window—that are constructed on-site. It can be delivered anywhere in the world with a six-month lead time.

This Bjarke Ingels creation is the debut design for Klein, a new company founded by Danish designer Soren Rose to develop prefab tiny home concepts with the leading architects. The concepts will be able to be delivered anywhere in the world. Along with companies like Revolution Precrafted and Cube Haus, Klein is the latest to go after designer housing collaborations.

The off-grid house is small—about 180 square feet—but feels spacious thanks to a soaring 13-foot ceiling. There’s a built-in kitchen and shelving, as well as a fireplace nestled into the corner that’s guaranteed to warm the entire space.

The whole house is outfitted with natural-hued Carl Hansen furniture, which give it an appropriately cozy Scandinavian vibe. Even the cedar-wood bathroom looks like a sauna (it isn’t).

Cedar wood bathroom Photo by Matthew Carbone via Designboom

Via: Designboom