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This gorgeous pop-up restaurant is completely waste-free

100 percent sustainable, 100 percent pretty

Arched blue interior of pop up bistro Nicholas Calcott

At WantedDesign Manhattan during NYCxDesign 2018, designer Linda Bergroth partnered with the Finnish Cultural Institute and the Finnish Design Shop to design an impressive pop-up restaurant called Zero Waste Bistro. Like its name suggests, everything in the blue-speckled interior—from walls to table to Artek stools— can be reused or recycled.

Plates on speckled dining room table Nicholas Calcott

The arched blue walls are constructed from rewall naked board, a material made from food container waste. Meanwhile, the long dining table is built from a material called Durat, a polyester surface material that’s combined with granulated post-industrial waste to give it a speckled appearance. Alvar Aalto’s stools provide seating, while his Hand Grenade pendants dangle above.

Plate of food on speckled table Nicholas Calcott

The space serves lunch and dinner using plates, cups, and cutlery from Iittala. The only thing that won’t be used again in some form is the food in your stomach. The space itself is an immaculate example of sustainable design done right—but lest you forget why the pop-up is there in the first place, you can buy all the goods you see from Finnish Design Shop.