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Tetra Soap brings Brutalism to personal hygiene

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Sure, why not?

Hand grabbing soaps that looks like concrete Tetra Soap

Here’s an unorthodox solution to slippery soap: Shape it like a tetrapod. Hong Kong company Tetra Soap designed a line of bar soaps that look like mini versions of Tetrapods, the massive interlocking concrete barriers that sit along coastlines to prevent coastal erosion.

Hand washing with concrete-looking soap Tetra Soap

Tetrapods, which were originally designed in France in the 1950s, look like giant interconnected jacks. The soap has a similar shape—four nubby legs—but is made of totally different materials. The concrete-like soap is made from a variety of oils that have been cast in a silicone mold and combined with a myrrh resin to give it a concrete-like color and texture.

Three sizes of concrete soap Tetra Soap

The designers claim the four-pronged shape prevent it from slipping out of wet hands—a plausible theory, if scientifically unproven. Regardless, we’ll happily add Tetra Soaps next to our growing collection of curious brutalist home goods.

Pricing-wise, that’ll be $23 per bar of Tetra Soap, $64 for a pack of three, or $240 for a one-year subscription of 12 pieces.

Via: Dezeen