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Buy an ancient Greek city for $7.5M

Bargylia is located in what is now Boğaziçi, Turkey

Ancient ruins.
Ruins in Fethiye in the Mugla Province of Turkey, where Bargylia is located.

The ancient Greek city of Bargylia, which is located in what is now known as Boğaziçi, Turkey, is looking for a buyer. Priced at 35 million Turkish lira, or about $7.5 million, the 330-decare (81.5 acres) city includes a Grade 1 archaeological site comprising a theater, acropolis, fortification walls, and necropolis that are at risk of decaying and looting by treasure hunters.

One of the shareholders of Bargylia, which has been privately owned since 1927, told Turkish newspaper Hürriyet that he’s no longer able to protect the ancient ruins on his own and is calling upon the government to step in. The 2,500-year-old city may be especially enticing to looters, as a scientific archeological excavation has never been conducted on the site. Today, cows graze among the ruins, while an animal shelter occupies an old monastery.

Archeologists hope that the culture and tourism ministry purchase the land so that the ancient ruins can be properly preserved. Otherwise, a new owner could downgrade Bargylia’s Grade 1 status and build a resort there. The land was first put up for sale in 2015, but no buyers emerged. Its new listing price reflects an approximately $2 million cut.

Via: Travel + Leisure, BBC, Hürriyet