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This resort was inspired by the celestial energy of its island site

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Located on the volcanic island of Ulleungdo in South Korea

Curvaceous white form sits on rock cliff overlooking ocean.
The Villa Kosmos sits on the edge of a cliff on South Korea’s Ulleungdo island.
Photos by Kim Yong Kwan via Yatzer

An undulating concrete form perches on the coast of a volcanic island called Ulleungdo in South Korea. Its white peaks and organic rooflines create a striking contrast to the site’s rocky environs and the sea beyond. Together, it is said that the land and the water emanate a healing energy that represents the balance and harmony of the philosophy of yin and yang.

It makes sense, then, that this magnificent backdrop becomes the setting for Healing Stay Kosmos, a luxury resort that offers accommodations across two sculptural buildings designed by Kim Chanjoong, founder of the Seongnam-based The_System Lab.

“I wanted it to be a container of ‘energy’ rather than a building,” Kim said, “and I hoped it to become a kind of celestial tool that can contemplate and feel the natural phenomenon of the universe and the earth.” The resort’s main building, the private Villa Kosmos, was inspired by the path of the sun and the moon, manifesting as six spiral “branches” that appear to swirl around a central courtyard.

Villa Kosmos includes four guest rooms, each of which boasts high ceilings that frame stunning views of the surrounding landscape—each one different. They include views of the sunset, sunrise, Songgot-bong (a majestic rock formation), and Elephant Rock, an elephant-shaped rock formation in the water. Two saunas and an an infinity hot tub offer guests the opportunity to soak it all in.

The secondary building, Villa Terre, features a line of arched roofs and includes seven guest rooms, each with sea views. Take a look.

Via: Yatzer