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USPS is releasing popsicle scratch-and-sniff stamps

Smells great

Stamps with popsicles on them USPS

It makes so much sense: Just in time for summer, the United States Postal Service is releasing a set of scratch-and-sniff “forever” stamps in a popsicle scent.

It’s the first time the USPS has rolled out scratch-and-sniff stamps, which is frankly a bit hard to believe considering stamps are more or less stickers and are the perfect vehicle for odoriferous interactivity.

The stamps roll out June 20—preorders are open here—and will feature 10 kinds of mini frozen treats painted by Santa Monica artist Margaret Berg. The stamps were designed by USPS art director Antonio Alcalá and designer Leslie Badani, and will be available in a book of 20 for $10.

It’s a smart move by the USPS, which has seen a steady downturn in revenue in recent years. Will sweetly scented stamps turn things around? Perhaps not. But we’re excited for them nonetheless.

Via: Co.Design