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Charred wood covers airy modern home

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Charred wood covers airy modern home Jan Vrabec via Designboom

The charred wood trend is still burning strong. The latest example: This single story home in the Czech Republic that looks like the ideal modern cabin in the woods.

Wood deck looking out onto lawn Jan Vrabec

Built by Atelier Kunc, the saddle-roof structure is built from a charred larch that gives the facade a perfectly imperfect look. It’s a nice contrast to the interior, which is filled with pristine light wood floors, white walls and ceilings, and clean Scandinavian accents.

Interior with white walls and Scandinavian furniture Jan Vrabec

The house is filled with large floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto a sprawling yard and help blend the indoors with the outdoors, which makes the connect between the two all the more impactful.

Exterior shot of lawn and windows Jan Vrabec

The architects explain they purposefully designed in moments of wabi-sabi style. “When designing, we deliberately incorporated the beauty of imperfection,” they write. “We expect the façade to get patina, the color to go grey, the wooden terraces to go silver, the grass and the meadow flowers to grow a little wild and all that will blend into an organic whole.”

Grey couch on white rug Jan Vrabec

Via: Designboom