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Whimsical purple Victorian on the market for $1.3M

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Pure magic

Exterior of purple victorian Sotheby’s

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Location: Arlington, Massachusetts

Price: $1,325,000

The Purple Palace is a landmark in Arlington, Massachusetts, and it’s easy to see why: The not-so-subtle lilac paint job; the grand Victorian architecture; the rooms painted with intricate and unexpected murals. For lovers of quirk, this pastel masterpiece is your mecca.

Originally built in 1864, the historic four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom home has since been overhauled to mix the traditional with the unexpected. There are stained glass windows and multiple fireplaces.

Pristine hardwood floors and granite countertops are set against large windows and soaring ceilings. While some of the rooms adopt a neutral look, a handful feature hand-painted murals, including one room dedicated to the author Maurice Sendak’s goofy illustrated characters.

The house sits on a quarter acre of land that includes a treehouse a rolling green lawn. Of course, there’s a purple picket fence to match, in case the rest of it wasn’t quite whimsical enough for you. Located at 40 Irving Street, the property is seeking $1,325,000.

Bathroom with purple and blue painted walls
Room with Maurice Sendak mural

Via: Sotheby’s