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Cool Tetris-style apartment complex pops up in London

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Not your average new build

Tetris style brick complex in shadow of London Shard Rory Gardiner via Dezeen

A giant mixed-used building, which often feels like the de-facto solution to rapid urban growth, commonly manifests in boxy apartments stacked atop a glassy ground floor that plays home to a coworking space or store.

This modern building in the London Borough of Southwark, though, is a refreshing take on the mixed-use development. Designed by British firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, the eight-unit pale brick apartment complex seamlessly incorporates office space on the ground floor while retaining a sense of separateness thanks to its unusual layout.

Facade of light brick building and windows Rory Gardiner via Dezeen
Interior loft overlooking stairs and living room Rory Gardiner via Dezeen

The architects designed the building as a series of irregularly shaped, multi-story units that interlock around two stairs. The design allows for blocks of the building to join together, creating a Tetris-style brick facade. “Each apartment is a ‘house’ differentiated by its place within the spatial puzzle and the city,” the architects write.

Interior shot of stairs and landing Rory Gardiner via Dezeen

Inside, the same rules apply. The architects designed the apartments as a series of rooms that are built to flow into one another. Stairs—not doors—separate the kitchen, living, and dining rooms.

Close-up of exterior balconies Rory Gardiner via Dezeen
Tetris style brick complex in shadow of London Shard Rory Gardiner via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen