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194-square-foot studio packs it all into modular furniture

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Bicbloc designed this co-living concept in London

Wooden unit in center of small studio apartment comprising close, steps up to a platform bed, and a kitchen.
Most of the home’s functions are contained in modular furniture units.
Photos by Lauren Encinas via Bicbloc

United Kingdom-based design studio Bicbloc has converted a four-story Victorian townhouse in London into a co-living concept for a client hoping to address the city’s growing demand for rental apartments and new living habits.

Originally including 11 bedsits—or studios—and a back garden, the renovated development now comprises 14 furnished studio apartments, all measuring 18 square meters, or just under 200 square feet, plus shared social spaces.

Bicbloc founder Laura Encinas led the project, creating modular volumes that incorporate most functions of a home including a bed, kitchen, and work space. A porcelain-tiled bathroom is placed beside these units. This configuration (and it’s slight variations throughout the townhouse) allows for maximum use of space while hidden elements like a pull-out table and the kitchen enclosed by folding doors make the tiny apartment virtually clutter-free.

There is plenty of storage, too: underneath the bed, in a side cupboard, and also overhead, as a section of the wood-veneered units reaches up to the ceiling. As urban dwellers seek more affordable and flexible accommodations, it’s no surprise that designers are aiming to make moving in and out of a place that much easier by making the furniture a permanent fixture of a home.

Via: Designboom