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This prefab cabin was helicoptered into place


prefab cabin in snowy mountains Photos by Art Lasovsky

In 2016, DublDom, the Russian purveyor of handsome, affordable prefab houses, put out a call to its fans: Send a photo of where you live, and you could be gifted a DublDom home, delivered and erected no matter the location.

Well, a winner was chosen, and the promise was kept. DublDom recently awarded one of its prefab homes to Alexander Trunkovskiy, who lives outside of Kandalaksha, a small mountain town on the White Sea in Russia. And get this: The entire home was installed by helicopter.

Helicopter dropping prefab home into place

DublDom explains that it reengineered one of its standard modules so it could be managed to halve the weight of the modules,” the architects say. “The materials and the coating are calculated to be used at the low temperatures and high wind loads.”

Table inside prefab cabin
Beds inside prefab home
Prefab cabin in snowy mountains under Northern Lights Art Lasovsky

The module, which Trunkovskiy intends to rent to cold-loving tourists (booking details here), sits on a snowy mountain overlooking the Kandalaksha gulf. The space can sleep up to eight people on removable rack beds that hang on the perimeter of the central room. Like other DublDom homes, this one comes with utilitarian yet cozy design touches that make the 40-minute hike it takes to get there a little more bearable.