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Modern concrete house with glass bridge asks $1.8M

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Shabby-chic meets très lush

House with raised glass bridge Estately

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Location: Dallas, Texas

Price: $1,825,000

Some houses have stairs, and some houses have glass bridges that lead you to a tower of guest bedrooms. This super modern Dallas home makes use of warm Texas weather with an outdoor skywalk that leads from the main house to a guest suite. Along the way, you pass by a poured-concrete pool, covered patio, and gardening beds.

Kitchen with concrete walls and timber countertops

The house is built with concrete walls, stone floors, big windows, and wood touches. Hints of greenery crawl across the concrete outdoors, which gives the space an industrial-meets-shabby chic vibe.

Glass bridge

Architect Gary M. Cunningham split the four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom house into four levels, including a rooftop terrace that leads to the glass bridge. With its loft-like living room and mix of materials, the house feels like a prototype of a 21st-century design—as if someone said “design me a modern house,” and this appeared.

Glass windows looking out onto a pool

The 3,100-square-foot home, built in 2000 at 4404 Greenbrier Drive, is now on the market for $1,825,000.

Via: Estately