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These sculptural chalk pieces let you draw perfect patterns

Now launching on Kickstarter

sculptural chalk drawers All photos courtesy Nikolas Bentel Studio

Goodbye sticks of chalk. Hello…geometrically precise hunks of chalk. Designer Nikolas Bentel just upped the chalk game significantly (did you know there was a chalk game?) with his Chalk Drawers, a set of odd-looking drawing utensils designed to help people create precise shapes and lines.

The pieces of chalk, which look a little like super-sized microbes, were made with a 3D printer, giving them literally laser-cut precision. Rotate the circle drawer on its surface, and you’ll get a perfect circle; pull or pull the line drawer, and you’ll see a set of five perfectly-spaced lines; roll the dot drawer across a chalkboard, and it’ll produce a flurry of small dots—no ruler or compass required.

This grown-up version of chalk is clever and not just thanks to its sculptural look. It’s foolproof precision for those of us who lack drawing skills. Initially sold at the New Museum’s gift shop, Chalk Drawers have just been launched on Kickstarter, where Bentel is raising funds toward larger production runs (which hopefully means lower prices). The designer is also planning to release a new design, the Curve drawer, upon hitting his Kickstarter goal of $10,000.