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Truck Surf Hotel is an expandable roving retreat for wave chasers

#Vanlife is over. #Trucklife is here.

Double story truck with palm trees in front Surf Truck Hotel

It was only a matter of time before something came along and dethroned #vanlife. Sleeker and more spacious, #Trucklife could just be the next high-end vagabond phenomenon.

The Truck Surf Hotel is a roving surfing retreat built out of a renovated Mercedes Actros truck that rides around Portugal and Morocco in search of the best waves. Think of it as a compact terrestrial cruise ship. Every morning, the captain (er, driver) parks the truck within view of the ocean. A breakfast buffet awaits passengers when they rise—a necessary amenity for travelers who will spend the day catching gnarly waves.

Picnic table inside truck Surf Truck Hotel
Surf Truck Hotel
Bedroom inside truck Surf Truck Hotel

And lest you think sleeping in a truck isn’t plush enough, this Mercedes Actros is tricked out with a hydraulic system that allows the walls and ceiling to expand when parked, creating a legitimately roomy space for up to 10 wave-chasing travelers. All told, the truck has five bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and shower.

Pricing starts at $728 a person for a week-long adventure in Portugal and $590 a person for a week in Morocco.

Via: Inhabitat