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Stunning green-roofed home blends into the landscape

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Flat as a pancake

Exterior shot of roof covered in grass Fernando Guerra via Designboom

From a certain angle, it’s hard to tell where the Planar House’s roof ends and the lawn begins. Green blends into green, save for the solar panels and skylights that dot the top of the grassy-roofed house in Porto Feliz, Brazil.

Fernando Guerra via Designboom

The studio MK27 designed the 10,000-square-foot Planar House as a “radical exercise in horizontality,” and indeed, it holds up to its namesake. The home stretches length-wise along a parcel of land, barely making a mark on the flat skyline.

Its roof, a flat slab of concrete covered in grass, sits atop a series of pillars, while the interior of the home is enclosed in floor-to-ceiling windows.

Interior shot of living room and terrace Fernando Guerra via Designboom
Fernando Guerra via Designboom

The living areas are flanked by sliding glass doors that allow the rooms to open onto the sprawling lawn, effectively turning the home into one giant terrace. It’s a stunning effect, especially at dusk when Brazil’s golden hour light streams through the entire home.

Interior living room shot at sunset Fernando Guerra via Designboom
Fernando Guerra via Designboom

Via: Designboom