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Behold, a tiny Tudor house with traditional style

Half the size, double the cuteness

Outside of tudor house Tiny Heirloom

Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen them built like double-decker buses and designed specifically to expand for parties. Some tiny homes completely rethink what a house should look like, while others look like pocket-sized versions of architectural archetypes.

Outside of tiny tudor Tiny Heirloom

This new model from Tiny Heirloom falls squarely into the latter category. Its facade is designed to look like a classic Tudor with mirrored features like a double-gabled roof and exposed woodwork that’s flanked by masonry.

Kitchen of tiny tudor Tiny Heirloom

The sturdy wood doors lead into a 220-square-foot interior, where the designers have outfitted the space with a traditional aesthetic. The house has marble countertops, a gas fireplace, and dark-wood floors, and a wrought-iron metal staircase leads to the lofted bedroom.

Tiny tudor living room plus fireplace Tiny Heirloom

Despite its size, the tiny home feels remarkably faithful to the architectural style that inspired it. Unfortunately, it’s custom, so if you’re a tiny-Tudor lover, you’re going to have to commission your own or build one from scratch.

Via: New Atlas