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This abandoned island fort could be yours for $535K

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Talk about a fixer-upper

abandoned island fort Photos via Purple Brick

This rundown fort on an island off the coast of Pembrokeshire in the U.K. is for sale for £400,000 (approximately $535,400), and it’s a dream project for an industrious type looking to spend some serious time and money on renovations.

The Stack Rock Fort was built in 1850 and was used by the military in World War I until it was disarmed in 1929. It hasn’t been updated since 1859.

Despite its decrepit shell, the stone fort has some real potential—the exterior wall curves around the island’s shores and looks out onto the sea. The courtyard, currently a mess of weeds and overgrowth, could shine with some pruning and stonework.

Inside, the fort has vaulted brick ceilings, pillars, and stately spiral staircases—not to mention rows of windows that are currently blown out but could someday provide a beautiful view of the water.

It’s definitely not a project for the lazy, but there are some serious benefits to the undertaking: At the end you’ll own both a brilliant piece of history and an entire island.

Via: The Spaces