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This customizable furniture retailer just added a dining set

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Personalization made easy

modern dining table and upholstered chairs
Rectangle Hayes chair with
Courtesy of Interior Define

If you want the convenience of online direct-to-consumer furniture shopping but with a bit more say in the look and feel of the final product, Interior Define is worth checking out. The company, which started with a line of customizable modern seating and followed by a range of bed frames, just launched a dining collection and it too comes with a helpful degree of personalization.

The dining series is anchored by a streamlined table and an upholstered chair, but you can tweak the options to come up with a specific set that better fits your space. For example, the smallest round or square Hayes table (it also comes in rectangle) seats two to four people and would be suitable for tiny apartments.

The table features a 45-degree beveled apron and is made of a dense engineered wood composite and wood veneer finish. There are four table finishes (walnut, oak, gray stain, and white) and seven leg finishes (the four table finishes plus matte brass, natural steel, and brushed stainless steel).

Round Hayes table with the Audrey chairs.
Bridget Badore courtesy of Interior Define

The chairs get a little more interesting with three plush styles—the Art Deco-inspired Audrey, clean and simple Dylan, and kite-inspired Kit—each available in dozens of fabrics. Dylan and Kit also come in three leg styles (round dowel, tapered, and antenna) and finishes (matte black, matte brass, and chrome).

As for pricing? Dining tables range from $900 to $1,400 while the chairs range from $350 to $600. This cost includes white glove delivery and furniture assembly, a departure from the flatpack shipping and DIY-assembly-in-minutes approach favored by other online furniture retailers like Burrow and Floyd.

The Kit chair.
Photo by Bridget Badore courtesy of Interior Define
The Dylan chair.
Photo by Bridget Badore courtesy of Interior Define

Interior Define offers a couple of ways for customers to get a better feel for the furniture before purchasing. The first is, of course, an iOS AR app that lets you visualize a piece in your home (Ikea and Anthropologie each have one too!) The second follows a more traditional route: The company currently has four showrooms, called Guideshops, located in Chicago, New York, Austin, and LA.

Courtesy of Interior Define
Courtesy of Interior Define