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This rad tiny house was made for colder climates

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The Aspen tiny house was built by Borealis Tiny Homes

Tiny home on a trailer being pulled by a truck in woodsy setting.
The Aspen is a luxury tiny home that’s also energy efficient.
Photos via Borealis Tiny Homes

The Aspen tiny house, which sports both industrial and home-grown vibes, was designed by Marco Giroux of Borealis Tiny Homes, a company based in Prince George, British Columbia. Because of the region’s colder climate, Giroux specifically outfitted the tiny home with insulated walls and radiant floor heating, making it ideal for frigid temperatures.

The 24-foot custom-build trailer is also thoughtfully crafted and constructed, using locally sourced materials wherever possible like locally milled aspen for interior siding and the loft space. Other materials include cedar siding, metal roofing, engineered hardwood flooring, and bamboo countertops. Real wood is used throughout the home.

Inside, 200 square feet of living space on the main floor and 68 square feet in the upper sleeping loft are expertly arranged to accommodate full-sized appliances including a refrigerator, oven, and sink, plus space for either a dishwasher or a combination washer and dryer.

The kitchen, which features a subway tile backsplash, built-in shelving, and a breakfast bar—plus the bathroom behind it—is located at one end of the tiny house up a couple of steps. A section of the staircase even pulls out to reveal hidden storage, and there’s a pull-out sofa bench beside it, with additional storage by way of a crawlspace under the kitchen and bathroom.

The living area is placed on the other side of Aspen, where there’s space for a desk and a wall unit gel fuel fireplace. A loft space above accommodates the bed. As for the home’s finishing touches, there are plenty of surprising details, like railings, pulls, and other fixtures made from repurposed pipes, wood paneling, and a sliding barn door for the bathroom.

Priced starting at $89,500, the Aspen tiny house comes equipped with LED lighting, a 60 amp generator panel, and other energy-efficient features.

Via: Inhabitat, Borealis Tiny Homes