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Luxembourg skatepark design nods to 17th-century fortress nearby

Old meets new

skatepark designed like fortress Photos via Designboom

Once considered mere gathering places for teens, skate parks have emerged in recent years as intriguing test beds for forward-thinking urban ideas.

This new skatepark in Luxembourg, for example, acts as a clever dividing line between the city’s old and new towns. Situated in Peitruss Valley Park, the skatepark is designed as a reinterpretation of the Vauban Fortress, a series of buildings and walls designed in the 17th century by a military engineer for King Louis XIV and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aerial shot of skatepark
Skatepark next to fortress

The skatepark is adjacent to the heritage site, and pulls from its visual language. Skatepark architecture studio Constructo designed the park to play off of its surroundings with geometric forms that nod to the shape of the Vauban Fortress. The nearly 30,000-square-foot park has a series of bowls, ramps, and stairs, as well as a street plaza where people can hang out.

The park is made from a patchwork of concrete that’s meant to reflect the aged stone wall. Onlookers can watch from the plaza or from the fortress’s bridge, a perfect vantage point for seeing how modern and historic can blend together.

Via: Designboom