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Ikea has a fun line of statement rugs coming in 2019

Clean feet only

Virgil Abloh.

There are statement rugs and then there are statement rugs. Ikea just announced a new series of rugs, and they fall squarely into the latter camp. The new line is part of IKEA’s annual Art Event, in which the Swedish brand partners with artists to create more artistic versions of everyday objects.

Rug shaped as group of cats
Misaki Kawai.

For the series, Ikea tapped collaborators including fashion designer Virgil Abloh (who has a whole separate collection with the retailer in the works), French tattoo artist Supakitch, and Korean artist Seulgi Lee. The end result is a line of rugs that, true to its description, are more outlandish than your standard chevron patterned weave.

Cream rug with colorful illustrations

One of Abloh’s designs shows a blue dyed background with the words “Keep Off” in a white sans serif font. Lee’s rug is designed as a series simple shapes arranged in an abstract, geometric form. The rest of the series, which will be available for a limited time in 2019, are similarly striking. According to Ikea, the rugs are just another way to bring an affordable piece of art into the home. Albeit one you wipe your feet on.

Blue rug with with the words “keep off”
Another Abloh design.
Rug with blue and red circle and green triangle
Seulgi Lee.

See the whole range here.