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Little-known Frank Lloyd Wright house hits the market for $1.2M

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A sloped beauty

Outside of timber ranch house on sunny day Courtesy of The Barrett Group

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s lesser-known homes is now on the market for $1.2 million. Meet the Haddock House, a timber ranch nestled into ten acres of land in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Until recently, the house has kept an intentionally low profile, which is both the product of privacy concerns and an unusual history. The Haddock House, named for its previous owner, a astrophysicist named Fred Haddock, was originally designed by Wright in 1939 for a school teacher in Wisconsin. The design was never realized—that is, until Haddock commissioned it in 1979, working with Charles Montooth of Taliesin Associated Architects, a firm established to further Wright’s vision after his death.

Living room with wood paneled walls
Dining room with table and wood paneled walls

Wright had designed the 1,300-square-foot house to withstand the harsh Wisconsin winters. It has an L-shaped layout with limited glazing, and its sloped roof discourages snow from gathering as well as provides an idyllic setting from which icicles can dangle.

Bedroom with window

Inside, the house has dusty red brick floors and wood paneled walls and ceilings throughout. The realtors claim this is the last Frank Lloyd Wright home that has the original gravity heat radiating through the floors.

Kitchen with microwave
Desk in office
Back of house with wood deck