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Artist turns old camper trailer into a mobile swimming pool

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Lowbrow brilliant

Pool inside camper Photos via Designboom

Swimming pools are great, but let’s be real—they’re a logistical headache. Construction, drainage, chlorine—and top of that, depending on where you live, pools only really make sense half of the year.

People swimming in small pool

Artist Benedetto Bufalino has come up with a solution (at least for the latter concern) thanks to a clever remodeling of an old-school camper turned pool. The functional work of art is exactly what it sounds like: a ‘70s era camper with a pool built into what used to be the living area.

To build the mobile dipping pool, a crew removed the roof of the camper and gutted the inside. The crew then retrofitted the space with plywood and waterproofed it before installing the shell of the pool. From there, the walls were painted blue and the vessel was filled with water. A ladder attached to the back of the vehicle is the only way to access the pool, which provides swimmers with a nice vantage point thanks to its height.

Beyond the adaptive reuse of a burned-out camper, it’s one way to beat a pool’s biggest shortcoming: If it’s too cold to swim in January, just drive south.

Via: Designboom