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Gorgeous modern home masterfully retreats into nature

Party in the back

Cedar clad house in redwood forest Joe Fletcher via Dezeen

For a masterclass on how to blend in, look no further than this home in Northern California. Not only is the cedar-clad house tucked away in the wilderness, it also has no “front” door to speak of.

Lap pool and concrete patio Joe Fletcher via Dezeen

Butler Armsden Architects designed the residence, named “Valley of the Moon,” to simultaneously feel hidden and spill into its environment. The home, a reference to the ancient name Native Americans gave to Sonoma Valley, is accessed through a covered walkway, which leads to an outdoor space with an entrance.

Back of house with swimming pool Joe Fletcher via Dezeen

The home centers around the outdoor courtyard, which includes a concrete patio, saltwater lap pool, and bocce court. The architects explain this arrangement is a nod to the haciendas that popped up in the area during the 19th century.

Living room with white furniture Joe Fletcher via Dezeen

The architects cleverly played with the pattern of the siding to ensure it blends into the surroundings. The north side of the house rises two stories and has horizontal siding, which is meant to connect the height of the building to the land. Meanwhile, the single-level south side of the home has vertically-clad siding, which is designed to merge with the surrounding trees and grasses.

Kitchen with wood table Joe Fletcher via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen