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Prefab nursery is designed to look like a child’s drawing


Kids playing in grassy courtyard Mariana Bisti via Designboom

This delightful nursery in Glyfada, Greece, is designed to look like it was drawn by a child. Each of the white prefabricated buildings are framed by asymmetrical wooden pergolas whose shapes, if you squint a little, look like they could have been ripped from the pages of a sketchbook of a very talented 8-year-old.

White buildings at dusk Mariana Bisti via Designboom

Klab Architects conceived the public nursery with a few constraints: The buildings had to be affordable, prefabricated, and shippable by truck. Klab’s solution was a miniature village with each building having just three sides exposed. This resulted in conjoined design, where the buildings are organized around a grassy courtyard.

Kids playing in grassy courtyard Mariana Bisti via Designboom

Outside, slides are built into the sides of hills and the kids can run free in the contained space. Inside, the small classrooms are designed with cheery paint that mimics the asymmetrical shape of the building themselves.

Inside of nursery with bright paint Mariana Bisti via Designboom

Via: Designboom