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Charred timber vacation home rises next to a volcano

Casa Hualle in Southern Chile was designed by Ampuero Yutronic

Simple blackened timber shed-like house with angled corner marking recessed entrance on flat site.
Casa Hualle in Southern Chile rises by an active volcano.
Photos via Boutique Homes

There’s no denying that blackened timber is all the rage, especially in the context of holiday homes in nature. This one in Chile is no exception. Designed by duo Javier Ampuero Ernst and Catalina Yutronic (under the practice Ampuero Yutronic, an architecture and design studio), Casa Hualle, as it’s called, rises amid the presence of the Villarrica Volcano (and nearby lake) in Pucon, in Southern Chile’s Araucania Region.

Its charred facade is a direct reference to the volcanic stone found in the region and creates a moody contrast to the relatively flat lands of the surrounding site. Its simple rectangular silhouette—disrupted by a sharply pitched corner marking the recessed entrance—also acknowledges the area’s traditional shed architecture.

The cavernous interiors, on the other hand, are a breath of fresh air. Light plywood lines the walls, while polished concrete makes up the floors. The double-height living and dining area are minimalist and feel bright and open, thanks to large, strategically placed windows that frame volcano views, and spare furnishings. Charred timber makes an appearance on the sides of the kitchen island.

As for the bedrooms, there are three, with the master suite located on the upper mezzanine level and two ensuite guest rooms located on the first floor. If living on the edge (of an active volcano!) is your thing, it’s available to rent for your next vacation through Boutique Homes.

Via: The Spaces