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This rustic barn was made from trees on site

Instead of sending the trees to be processed into paper, the architects used it for their own project

Barn with asymmetrical pitched roof with slatted timber and glass walls.
As rustic as they come.
Photos by by René de Wit via Dezeen

This asymmetric barn located in the Meierij region in the Netherlands is as rustic as a new build can get. The Sixteen Oak Barn, as it’s called, was conceived by HilberinkBosch Architects, a practice based in Berlicum, as a solution to a real problem it was facing.

When the architects noticed that several trees surrounding their studio, which occupies a converted farmhouse, needed to be removed, they decided to repurpose the wood to build a new structure adjacent to their offices.

The result is a simple timber barn inspired by the traditional shed architecture of the area. The felled trees were processed and cut into lumber to create portions of the frame. An asymmetrical roof with shingles made from the trees tops the barn, while pieces with the bark still attached clad the exterior to create a textured facade.

Inside, the exposed frame combines with concrete, some of which has been board-marked, and glass, creating an expanse of slatted windows. As for the layout of the space, the barn comprises a workshop, storage, garage, and a lofted floor. Take a look.

Via: Dezeen