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Kooky ’70s home on French island yours for $1.3M

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The “organic” home was designed by Jean-Claude Mazet

Curving tower in orangey stucco with porthole windows on hillside site.
The 1974 is an example of organic architecture.
Photos via Architecture for Sale

This kooky home on the island of Corsica in France resembles an old submarine or antique diving helmet, given its porthole windows and protrusions. It was designed in 1974 in the organic style by Jean-Claude Mazet, a disciple and collaborator of Le Corbusier and a professor of architecture at Harvard University.

Rising on the side of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the 155-square-meter (1,668 square feet) residence features a curving footprint as well as a large curving tower-like structure. Inside this double-height space is a sunken living area (or conversation pit) arranged around a swooping fireplace. A staircase leads from this area to a mezzanine seating area with views out toward the water.

Other flowing spaces abound, including a circular bathroom with an incredible purple-tiled in-ground tub. Three bedrooms, two baths, a garage, terraces, and expansive gardens “planted with numerous Mediterranean, African, and American varieties,” according to the listing, round out the orange-stucco property. To make this your holiday home, you’ll need 1.165 euros, or about $1.35 million. Below, a video tour of sorts.

Via: The Spaces