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Solar-powered modern studio appears to float in midair

Not your average backyard shed

hovering modern studio Keith McInnes Photography via Inhabitat

Plenty of homes give the illusion of floating, but this cubed building in New South Wales, Australia, is in fact hovering over a drop off. Designed by architect Matt Thitchener, the 650-square-foot studio is affixed to the side of a hill that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Open balcony overlooking town Keith McInnes Photography via Inhabitat

Engineers achieved the daring effect by embedding a series of 20-foot concrete-reinforced pillars that extend from the terrain to the bottom of the house. The stilts create a stable base for the small studio, which is an extension of the owners’ primary residence.

View of cube house from below Keith McInnes Photography via Inhabitat

In addition to its freestanding form, the studio is powered 100 percent by the solar panels that line the roof. It’s a nice eco-friendly touch, but truth be told, there’s probably little need for extra lighting (at least during the day). One side of the house has a wall of glazing that opens to a walk-out balcony—a perfect spot to catch some Australian rays and take in an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Cube house in the evening Keith McInnes Photography via Inhabitat

Via: Inhabitat