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Black-clad tiny home features a not-so-tiny living room

It can come pre-built or ready for some DIY interior handiwork

The exterior of the Buster Tiny Home is clad in corrugated metal that’s black on the broad sides and white on the back. A slanted shed-style roof sits atop the home, while French doors open up to a spacious living room on the inside. Photos via Build Tiny

This sleek new design from New Zealand-based Build Tiny allows you to make the most of a small situation—a modern home-on-the-go that can come pre-built, or unfinished and ready for the DIY type to fix things up just the way they like.

Similar in stature to the Millennial Tiny House that the company unveiled last year, the Buster Tiny House has a completely redesigned interior, featuring a relatively spacious living room that leaves room to stretch your legs and a storage staircase that leads to a lofted bed. French doors and plenty of windows allow light to flood the modest home.

Beyond the living area sits a streamlined kitchen that manages to pack in a fridge, oven, and dishwasher, plus a cozy bathroom with a shower and a composting toilet. The outside of the home is just as irresistible, with two-tone corrugated metal and a slanted shed-style roof adorning its steel frame.

Unlike the Millennial home, there’s no lofted office space, which allows the living room to open up and let air and natural light filter throughout every nook and cranny. There’s no shortage of storage space either, with the staircase, kitchen, and bedroom all boasting shelves and drawers.

The compact unit sits 7.2 meters by 2.4 meters, or roughly 23 feet by 8 feet, and is powered by an RV-style hookup (off-the-grid functionality and solar panels can be added as well). The shell alone costs $38,325, while the finished version comes out to about $70,653.

Via: New Atlas