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Prefab cabin comes with a deck almost as big as the house

Who says you need a big house to live the indoor-outdoor dream?

Kitchen and dining area of tiny cabin Petra Ford via Inhabitat

How tiny does a home really need to be to qualify as a tiny house? Square footage alone is an imperfect metric. Sometimes a home can be tiny in spirit, if not exactly in size.

This cabin near Lake Michigan is 860 square feet—far from the smallest home we’ve covered. Yet the prefab house is built for five and has many of the markings of a clever tiny home.

Jorie Burns, the cabin’s owner, customized the 380-square-foot downstairs space to create a hybrid kitchen, dining, and living room, as well as a master bedroom. Meanwhile, a 200-square-foot upstairs loft has enough space for two beds.

Bed with white comforter and wall sconces Petra Ford via Inhabitat
Two beds in loft Petra Ford via Inhabitat

The least tiny part about the home is the covered deck, which alone comes in at 280 square feet and includes a wood burning stove, couch, and enough room to have a leisurely meal al fresco. Is it impractical to dedicate the majority of your living space to grilling and lounging? Perhaps, technically. But we’re not one to dictate how folks should spend their vacation.

Covered deck with wood burning stove Paper and Plate Photography via Inhabitat

Via: Inhabitat