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You can score vintage Dieter Rams designs at auction next month

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To the highest bidder

Blue and red hair dryers
Red and blue hair dryers.

There’s no shortage of ways to score Dieter Rams-designed goods. From Vitsoe chairs and shelves to Braun watches, the legendary designer’s work is still a purchasable mainstay for design nerds with money.

There are works you can’t buy so easily, though. Things like Rams-designed lighters, Super 8 cameras, and beard trimmers. For those, you’ll have to throw your hat into the ring at an upcoming Wright auction, launching in mid-July.

Super 8 camera.

Culled from furniture dealer JF Chen’s extensive collection of Rams-designed objects, the auction is a veritable feast for Rams fans. All the hits will be there, including Braun watches, clocks, and radios. But they’ll be alongside lesser-known designs like a pair of blue and red hair dryers, desk fans, and totally ’70s era juicers.


Bids start as low as $75, but you can safely assume that’s not where they’ll end. If you’re on a budget, scrolling through the beautifully arted auction site might actually be enough to satisfy a case of design lust.

Via: Co. Design