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Claim a 15th-century Scottish castle for $5.1M

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Big enough for all your friends

Scottish castle Knight Frank via The Spaces

What can you buy for $5 million? In New York, that kind of cash will snag you a nice apartment on the Upper East Side. In Brooklyn, you can buy a brownstone. And in the far north of Scotland, you can buy an entire castle, complete with a 30-acre estate, treehouse, plus hunting and fishing licenses. Not bad.

Dining room with carved wood walls Knight Frank via The Spaces
Knight Frank via The Spaces
Knight Frank via The Spaces

This Scottish castle called Ackergill Tower recently hit the market for £3.9, or roughly $5.1 million, and it looks suited for a fairy tale. Originally built in the 15th century, the castle retains its stoney facade and fortress wall.

Architect David Bryce added onto the castle during the Victorian era, bumping the bedroom count up to a mind-boggling 32. Many of the rooms retain their wood-paneled walls and carved stone pillars, which gives the castle a time traveler feel. The castle has since then been renovated for modern use.

Courtyard with picnic tables Knight Frank via The Spaces
Treehouse in woods Knight Frank via The Spaces

If the main castle isn’t enough, the estate comes with six cottages, a pub, a 200-person catering hall, not to mention a sizable treehouse, billed as Europe’s largest.

Naturally, its previous owners used the castle as a wedding and event space. But there’s no reason why ambitious buyers couldn’t just keep it for themselves.

Facade of castle by ocean Knight Frank via The Spaces

Via: The Spaces