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Luxe Danish houseboat with terrace yours for $925K

Not too shabby

A cubic modern houseboat sits in Copenhagen’s Teglholmen harbor, and features plenty of outdoor terrace space in addition to its high-ceilinged living room and two bedrooms. Plenty of high-ceilinged windows allow for sweeping views of the harbor, and outd
This modern Danish houseboat features plenty of outdoor terrace space.
Photos via Adam Schnack

Even Noah would have traded in his ark for this stunning Danish houseboat.

The 1,500-square-foot property spans two levels and features plenty of space to relax at sea indoors or outdoors—we’re eyeing that spacious outdoor terrace. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for sweeping views of Copenhagen’s Teglholmen harbor where it currently resides, and a modern wood-burning stove will keep you cozy if the breeze off the water picks up.

Featuring a cubic design and adorned with parquet flooring, the houseboat holds two bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area that sits upstairs from the living room, and a space that currently serves as a laundry room. Indoor shelving and a basement level open up for maximum storage space on the aquatic property.

Interested in smelling the open sea? There’s ample opportunity for that, with a small balcony on one end, plenty of terrace space on the ground floor, and an upper deck that’s furnished with an outdoor kitchen.

The houseboat runs about 70 feet, and wood paneling accents the exterior of the boat, giving it a rustic feel. It’s on the market now for 5.9 million DKK (approximately $924,868). A life at sea awaits!

Via: The Spaces