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Sleek camper van is an adventure cabin on wheels

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Cue your van life dreams

The First Tracks conversion van from Beartooth Vanworks.
All photos courtesy of Beartooth Vanworks

The swift rise of the #VanLife phenomenon has resulted in a proliferation of van conversion companies aiming to make camper dreams a reality. And whether you’re looking to buy a budget van or one tricked out with amenities, most adventure companies can customize your van to appeal to everyone from kayakers to skiers. Love campers and trailers? Come join our new community group.

The latest company to cross our radar—at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona, no less—is Montana-based Beartooth Vanworks. Located in the outdoorsy city of Bozeman, Beartooth Vanworks offers a range of different van build outs, including this show model called the First Tracks.

Built on the four-wheel-drive 144” Mercedes Sprinter, the First Tracks van comes with a standard conversion package that includes sound and heat insulation, fabric wall panels, marine ply flooring, a roof fan, wood accents, and blackout curtains. The layout is ideal for two people traveling together; the “living room” bench transforms into a comfy sleeping area in the middle of the van and includes ample storage underneath for sheets, pillows, and blankets.

A kitchen boasts a sink, plenty of counter space, and room for optional extras like a refrigerator, and you can also add a stowable port-a-potty. All of Beartooth Vanworks’ conversions also feature a top-notch electrical system—think solar panels, a battery separator, AGM battery, overhead lights, and 12v, 110v, and USB outlets.

The interior of a camper van with blue walls, wood countertops, gray cabinet storage, a kitchen area, counters, and a bench seat that transforms into a bed.
Using the 144” Mercedes Sprinter, the First Tracks features a rear kitchen area with a bench that transforms into a bed for two.
Courtesy of Beartooth Vanworks

Beyond the basics, Beartooth Vanworks is a pro at customizing your van for particular activities. As the name implies, the First Tracks van is built to chase snow in the winter. The van comes with interior ski storage in the upper cabinets, diesel hot water and forced air, thinsulate insulated curtains, and a retractable clothes line to help you dry your gear. A rear shower helps you stay clean, a 2000w inverter can run a ski wax iron, and a large vented storage cabinet is perfect for air-drying wet boots.

As designed, the First Tracks conversion costs about $69,500 on a 144” Sprinter—the cost of the van not included—and the final price depends on specific upgrades. Beartooth Vanworks also makes other models, which you can check out here.

Mahogany wood accents and gray and blue styling keep the interiors fresh.
The van set up for sleeping.
The rear shower and water area, with storage drawers on display.
All of your power systems are easily controlled in one place.
Skis can fit in the upper storage cabinets, a unique feature of the First Tracks van.