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3D-printed concrete housing coming to the Netherlands

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Like a modern-day Stonehenge

3D printed stone homes with biker in front of them TU Eindhoven

Much like conventionally constructed concrete homes, 3D-printed concrete is also having a moment. It seems the technology is finally catching up with the construction industry’s ambitions, as a handful of 3D-printed projects inch closer to fruition. The latest example is coming out of the Netherlands, where the university TU Eindhoven is designing a small community of 3D-printed concrete homes that look like a modern-day Stonehenge.

The university is working with the city of Eindhoven to fabricate five irregularly shaped houses that the designers describe as “erratic blocks in the green landscape.” TU Eindhoven has spent years developing technology that’s capable of printing large-scale, freeform concrete structures—Project Milestone is the culmination of that research.

Rendering of concrete homes at dusk TU Eindhoven
TU Eindhoven

The first structure will start simple—three rooms, 1,000 square feet, single story—but the team has plans to craft the next four into a variety of oblong, multiple story houses. The renderings make the small community look like a fanciful vision of the future, but TU Eindhoven is also working with the city to make sure the homes are compliant with regulations. If all goes according to plan, the first home should be completed next year.

Via: ArchDaily