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Tiny house-inspired student housing puts your dorm room to shame

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When I was your age…

dorm room with loft bed Photo via Inhabitat

All student housing is tiny—but not all student housing looks like an impeccably designed tiny home. Amsterdam-based architects at Standard Studio designed a building of student housing for first-year students at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and dang if we wouldn’t live there ourselves.

Stairs leading to loft bed Photo via Inhabitat

The 200- square-foot units are basically full-fledged apartments, only, you know, smaller. Each unit has a bathroom, living room, kitchen, and loft bed—a real step up from shared showers and communal micro kitchens. The architects were inspired by the tiny home trend, which has birthed all sorts of ways to make the most of limited space.

Bathroom looking out onto kitchen and living room Photo via Inhabitat

Everything in the apartment pulls double duty. For instance: The apartment has room for just one sink, so it straddles the kitchen and bathroom. The two rooms are separated by a partition that doubles as a mirror for the bathroom and chalkboard for the kitchen. The stairs to the loft bed acts as built-in storage, a brilliant move that even “normal” sized homes can and should rip off. Remarkably, the space comes with a small dining table, a desk, and sofa, which means there are ample spots for procrastinating on that econ paper.

Via: Inhabitat